Compare Wooden kitchenware and plastic and metal utensils

Compare Wooden kitchenware and plastic and metal utensils
Ngày đăng: 05/06/2023 11:35 AM

1. Natural material, friendly to the environment: Wood is a completely natural source of materials, easy to reuse, easy to recycle, is an environmentally friendly material. Using wood for planting materials, and industrial tree wood does not affect the natural forest but also contributes to the development and protection of the forest thanks to the income brought to the afforestation farmers.

2. Beautiful wooden utensils: Wooden items are beautiful, elegant, light, very attractive to the eyes. Wooden items are not only used in the kitchen but also as decorative items, making the kitchen more luxurious, thanks to the beauty of wooden items that people often use as gifts for loved ones. , friends are very meaningful

3. Friendly to cooking utensils: Wooden kitchen utensils do not scratch cooking pots and pans, because wood is softer than iron utensils, so it does not scratch, affecting the durability of the cookware. other items, nowadays non-stick products are more popular, so wooden kitchen utensils are the most suitable choice for the modern kitchen.

4. Cooking safety: wooden kitchen utensils do not absorb heat like metal, nor do they melt like plastic when exposed to high temperatures during cooking. If you accidentally forget a few minutes, it will not affect the dish. Moreover, when heated, it can still be handled well without heat-resistant gloves to hold it
5. Does not affect the taste of food: You all know that plastic or metal objects that are in contact with food for a long time, can cause plastic or metal odors in the food, which makes dishes The food is no longer delicious. Wooden cooking utensils do not leave the smell in the dish, special woods such as oak are also used to flavor the food.

Although wooden utensils are beautiful and easy to use for many purposes, they also have more disadvantages than plastic and metal utensils analyzed below.

1. Careful care is needed: wooden utensils often have a polished, glossy layer on the surface of the product. After contact, this polishing layer may be lost, making the product not as beautiful as it should be. In the beginning, moreover, the wood will expand when exposed to water, or warp when stored at high temperatures, making the preservation of wooden utensils more careful, keeping the product dry. dry to avoid any kind of mold invasion

2. Do not withstand too strong force: wooden items can be broken due to strong force, so be more careful during use than metal and plastic utensils

3. Maybe infected with fungus and mold: wooden items are quite sensitive to moisture. If exposed for a long time in a high humidity environment, it can cause fungus and mold affecting use.

4. Easy to stick to food: despite the glossy surface, these wooden items are still quite easy to stick to food, making it difficult to wash them off.

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